Snowy Owls

The snowy owl  is usually found in the Arctic regions. These opportunistic predators feed on a small variety of small mammals, mostly lemmings. When that food supply decreases then many  come south to feed on the large number of  voles.  The snowy owls  like to nest on open areas that  look like the tundra up in the Arctic.

The male  snowy owl is  pure white, the females and young owls  have a barred scalloping. These magnificent birds can reach a weight of anywhere between 1.6 to 3 kg and have a wing span of 125-150 cm.

We are lucky to have them visit  Boundary Bay, an event that draws many bird watchers and wildlife photographers every year. Hopefully they will return again this year. Please respect these wonderful birds and do not  flush them out to get  flight shots or get too close.  They sit for long periods of time to conserve their energy and to scope out their surroundings.

Click on a photo for a larger view

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