1 Year #anniversary of the #flamingo

One year ago David Geertz and Dione Costanzo  worked to get the Flamingo in shape for a venue in Surrey and opened the doors to allow so many local bands to play. The anniversary was celebrated last night at the Flamingo by a crowd ready to get their 80’s groove on, complete with headbands and big hair.

And to get everyone on their feet singing classics were  Alive n Kissin .

These guys went all out  by playing some great Kiss tunes  in full makeup and outfits. Amazing!

Then Bonnie Scott took to the stage and rocked the house with ACDC – this band has Attitude with an amazing singer backed by  musicians that kept everyone on their feet!

Click on photo for larger view:







One thought on “1 Year #anniversary of the #flamingo

  1. AliveNkissin WAS AMAZING. Cheaper to see than the real KISS and in many ways better. Hope KISS notices AliveNkissin. Saw every single show ever of you. Love the pictures! I want a signed song list next time!

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