I am a third generation Japanese Canadian, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.  I have lived in the interior of  BC, central Germany and presently I live on the lovely west coast.

A professional musician that has  played throughout Canada, parts of the US  as well as in Germany and still dream of one day being a rock star! Luckily I got into  martial arts and actually focused enough to  achieve a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Goju Ryu karate. I have traveled to many distant countries and  feel that I have only seen a small  part of this world and know that there is so much more to discover.

Big thanks to  my daughter and son in law for giving me my very first digital camera, a point and shoot. This opened up the door to the world of photography for me.

I hope you will enjoy the photographs that I post and learn more of the wonderful wildlife that we share this planet with.
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Facebook: nlmoriyama
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