Have you felt that life is passing by you and hours are spent in the safe state of nostalgia …. thinking of your days of going out to hear live bands, dancing and letting loose?

No need for that any more because The Flamingo in Surrey is waking everyone up with live music! The  sign is misleading as it is no longer the exotic show lounge. Here you can rock out -grab your ripped jeans and leather jackets….. and listen to some bands playing original songs. They  have something to say!

I had the opportunity to photograph some great local bands  at The Flamingo.

Click on photo for larger view.

First up was Out of the Nowhere,  from Langley who played  a set filled with original songs:

A quick break and set up for the next band thanks to Donna and Cecil, who have many years of experience setting up sound systems and making bands sound great!

Then The Stereo Anthems from New Westminster played their original bluesy rock songs.

Next up was the band Head– an art rock band with lead singer/ songwriter, Lyric.

The headliner was  Utility Provider.

These guys are excellent musicians and bring it!

Check out these local bands – you’ll be surprised what  kind of talent is  coming out of your hometown!

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