TEMBO (Elephant in Swahili)


close up at Meru National Park

To be in such close proximity to these gentle pachyderms is truly amazing.

In Nairobi there is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  which is a wonderful organization that saves baby elephants and rhinos that were abandoned because of poachers killing their mothers or have been saved  because some fell into wells.  They are nurtured back to health and then gradually introduced back into the wild which can take several years.The keepers stay with their charges 24/7.feeding them, sleeping with them. You can adopt a baby elephant or rhino and contribute to this wonderful organization. Click here  to find out how.


elephant and dust bath


Baby nursing


at David Sheldrick having a dust bath


Bottle time at David Sheldrick



This elephant died of natural causes and became a feast for spotted hyenas and vultures.


on the Maasai Mara


drink up!


feeding time at David Sheldrick

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