#New Years Day – Long eared Owls

It is the very first day of 2014, and a refreshing walk  out to Boundary Bay is clearing the fog  in my mind, a result of overindulgence during the holiday celebrations. Many people out for a walk in the pleasant warm weather and many photographers with  cameras and tripods  in tow, I wished every one a Happy New Year as they passed and the greeting was warmly  reciprocated.
There were a lot of  eagles  perched on the tops of hydro poles or in the tree tops, a few Northern Harriers , a rough legged hawk, a northern Flicker and best of all the long eared owl. These are medium sized owls with erect blackish ear tufts and are nocturnal hunters in open fields.
Click on an image for a larger view.

4 thoughts on “#New Years Day – Long eared Owls

  1. Naomi,
    Nice shots, owls are a favorite of mine and the long eared is a very tough one to find in the area I live (The Eastern Shore of Maryland, USA) but I do have at least one decent shot.
    Larry Hitchens

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