The Downy Woodpecker-nlmoriyama

  • I went out to  Serpentine Fen   today and was greeted by a spectacular day of  sun and blue skies. It was a welcome change of weather from the  wet and cold  west coast weather  we have been experiencing of late.  The walk along the trails offered open views of snow capped mountains, song birds flitting  from tree   to tree and  people fishing along the river.

    I saw my very first woodpecker today. It was a male downy woodpecker, which are apparently quite common here in North America. They stay here during the winter and roost in the cavities of trees.   Here are a few moments that I captured today.


    X in Blue Sky

    Contrails forming an X in the blue sky X in Blue Sky

    Paddle DarnerA beautiful Paddle Darner resting on autumn leaves

    At Serpentine Fen - October 2013

    Belted Kingfisher At Serpentine Fen – October 2013

    October 2013 at Serpentine Fen

    Male downy woodpecker October 2013 at Serpentine Fen

    Downy Woodpecker

    Shadow - Sandpiper - Reflection

    A A shadow, a Sandpiper,  a Reflection Shadow – Sandpiper – Reflection

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